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Be the Kawaii Box Reviewer of the month!

We are looking for bloggers and video reviewers to review the newest Kawaii Boxes! Apply now if you have a blog or YouTube channel that focuses on kawaii or Japanese and Korean pop culture. Every month we will pick a few reviewers who will receive and review the newest Kawaii Box. 

Each month we will pick a few reviewers based on the relevance and quality of the blog or channel. There are no specific requirements for the number of followers or subscribers. The chance of being picked is higher if your blog or channel looks nice, is relevant to Kawaii Box and has great original content.

The reviewers are expected to create an original and informative video or blog post with good pictures of the Kawaii Box items. We also ask each review to include a link to the Kawaii Box homepage. The review should be published within 7 days of receiving the box. Please remember to send us a link once it’s published! We also expect the reviewers to share the post or video on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. We will also post selected reviews to our social media sites to spread the message of Kawaii Box to all our followers!

Unfortunately we cannot choose everyone for the Reviewer of the month program. Maybe your blog or channel is too new and has too few followers, it is not relevant to kawaii culture, or we just have too many applications waiting in line. We hope you understand! ❤

Do you want us to share your Kawaii Box post or video?

Have you already subscribed to Kawaii Box and posted a video on your YouTube channel or a review on your blog? We are happy to help you promote it on our social media sites! Your post or video will get more viewers and our followers will get to know what other subscribers think about Kawaii Box! Email us a link to the video or review to and your post or video might get featured!

Press enquiries

Interested in featuring Kawaii Box on you webzine, magazine or other publication? We are happy to send you a review sample. Email us for more information.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program

Join our affiliate program if you are a blogger, vlogger or have loyal social media followers or just lots of friends. The affiliate program rewards you for sharing your Kawaii Box love. You will earn commission from every customer you send our way!

Read more about the Affiliate Program here

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Please feel free to use these banners and logos on your blog, Kawaii Box posts and videos. Need more sizes? Email us and we’ll prepare them to you.









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Thank you for giving us the opportunity of working with you to spread the message of Kawaii and Kawaii Box! ❤