Kawaii Box – April 2017

Kawaii Box - April 2017

These 10 kawaii items were included in the April Kawaii Box!

Rainbows and Alpacas are probably two of the cutest things in the world. But what about a Rainbow Alpacasso? Cuteness overload! Here is a full list of items included in the April Kawaii Box:

Kawaii Box - March 2017

▲ This cute and soft Rainbow Alpacasso Purse is perfect for money and other small items you want to keep at hand with a reel. The back of the pouch also has a clear pocket, where you can keep your cards.

Kawaii Box - March 2017

Kabaya is well known for funny and exciting gummy candies! Turn these soft Kabaya Shaka Shaka Gummies into delicious hard gemstones with this Shaka Shaka Gummy pack!

Kawaii Box - March 2017

▲ This Happy Bear Bread Mold is shaped like a cute bear, and the mold can be used to make the cutest bear shaped sandwiches! Just add your favorite sweet or savory toppings in the middle of two slices of toast, press the mold strongly on the sandwich, and you have the cutest bear sandwich!

Kawaii Box - March 2017

▲ This round and super kawaii Blippo Sweet Pocket Mirror features super cute pastel colors and lovely catchphrases! The front side of the mirror is a cute pastel shade and the backside has a mirror for checking your looks while on-the-go!

Kawaii Box - March 2017

▲ Run your own ice cream truck with these Sweet Food Cart Puffy Stickers! The sticker sheet includes an ice cream truck sticker with 3D wheels, two cute employees and lots of cute ice creams and desserts!

Kawaii Box - March 2017▲ Write important notes on these Breakfast Sticky Notes, and stick them either on the pages on your calendar or notebooks and you will find important dates and notes quickly!

Kawaii Box - March 2017

▲ Write in the colors of the rainbow with this Pastel Rainbow Ink Pen! Write messages to your friends or doodle cute drawings with these ink pens! The ink in these pens is multi-colored with a pastel shade and the color changes the more you write with it!

Kawaii Box - March 2017

▲ These adorable and colorful Blippo Pastel Heart Hair Ties add a pinch of kawaii to every outfit! Each set includes 3 hair ties with sprinkled heart decorations. Try out different cute hairstyles and use these hair ties to tie your hair into cute braids or buns!

Kawaii Box - March 2017

Sanrio‘s Pompompurin loves pudding and this lollipop tastes just like his favorite treat! If you did not receive this Popompurin lollipop you got the super cute Hello Kitty peach flavored lollipop. yummy!

Kawaii Box - March 2017

▲ Try something new and decorate your nails with this super bright BK Glow-in-the-dark Nail Polish!

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  1. Correcting a stack of papers was less of chore using my super cute new multicolored pen and ice cream truck stickers, this morning! Thank you! <3

    1. Hi Alyssa! Glad to hear that Kawaii Box was able to help you make the work a bit more kawaii and cheerful! ?? The rainbow pen is amazing and definitely makes even receiving the papers more fun! ??

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