Kawaii Box – August 2016

August Kawaii Box featured 12 super cute & kawaii items!

Summer and the August Kawaii Box are finally here! Put on the Sunglasses Hairpin, attach the Popsicle Charm to your bag and put your cards and notes to the Sweet Cupcake Purse.  So fresh! Here is a full list of items included in the August Kawaii Box:

Kawaii Box - August 2016

▲ Yummy gummy octopus eggs, anyone? Kracie Dodotto Octopus Eggs DIY Candy kit is yet another crazy and funny DIY set from Kracie. Mix two different liquids in two separate dishes, and soon you’ll have yummy soda-flavored octopus eggs.

Kawaii Box - August 2016

▲ This Cute Animals Stationery Set has all the essential items you need for a kawaii day at school or in the office.

Kawaii Box - August 2016

Yum Food Stickers set features many yummy things such as okonomiyaki, ramen, pudding, chocolate and other well-known foods.

Kawaii Box - August 2016

▲ When was the last time you surprised a loved one with a hand-written letter? Bring joy to your loved ones this Cute Animals Letter Set!

Kawaii Box - August 2016

▲ The Popsicle Plush Charm is a perfect decoration to your bag, key chain, camera or wallet!

Kawaii Box - August 2016

▲ This super cute Harajuku Keychain is too kawaii! The pastel colored details with a sweet ice cream charm are perfect for kawaii-fying your bag, keys or anything you want!

Kawaii Box - August 2016

▲ This Kawaii Rings Set is perfect for adding some Harajuku cuteness to your style!

Kawaii Box - August 2016

▲ This lovely Sunglasses Hairpin will make your hairstyle unique and sunny in few seconds!

Kawaii Box - August 2016

▲ This Sweet Cupcake Purse is perfect for keeping your keys, access card, and other small items safe and in one place and in a kawaii way.

Kawaii Box - August 2016

▲ This fun and kawaii Kiss Me Lipstick Eraser will make correcting mistakes more fun!

Kawaii Box - August 2016

▲ The Diamond Sparkle Gel Ink Pen is decorated with a big and kawaii diamond on the cap and is perfect for adding some glamour to your day at school or in the office!

Kawaii Box - August 2016

▲ Protect your phone from bumps and knocks in a kawaii way with this cute Cellphone Bracelet Phone Bumper. When not used as a phone bumper it can be used as a bracelet!

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    1. Hi! We don’t have free boxes, but you can always participate in the giveaways we publish on our social media sites! :)

      1. Hi Casey! We reply to comments here as well, if you have any urgent questions you can send us an email, Whatsapp message or private message on Facebook! :) <3

  1. I love using these stickers on students’ papers, and I already had the opportunity to write a couple of adorable “thank you notes” using the cute animals letter set, and my adorable new kawaii diamond pen! The popsicle charm couldn’t be cuter, as well. Thanks for everything! :)

    1. Hi Alyssa! Glad to hear that you use Kawaii Box items to make someone else’s day a bit more kawaii too! ^___^ The diamond definitely fits a teacher’s job, stay kawaii! ^___^ <3

  2. *_* love it! My little sisters take the sticker away from me <.< *darn* but i hide some of the stuf hehe. Every month i get so surprised! <3 can't wait for my September box

    1. Hi Emilija and thank you for such nice message! :) It is nice to share the kawaiiness with little ones, I hope she will share some of the stickers with you! :) You can always buy more kawaii stickers and other cute items on http://www.blippo.com! <3 Hopefully the September box comes soon! ^___^

  3. I love the kawaii box! its super cute and full of fun and adorable stuff ! can’t wait to receive mine :D will for sure be subscribed for a long time woop <3

    1. Hi Andrea and thank you for such kawaii message! ^___^ <3 We will have lots of kawaii and cute surprises coming up so stay tuned! And stay kawaii! ^___^ <3

  4. Loved this box. Plushes are always my favourite, but I also adored the kawaii ring set in this box. So fun :) thank you.

    1. Hi Laura and thank you for kawaii words! ^___^ The ring set sets you straight into streets of Harajuku doesn’t it? :) Stay kawaii! <3 :)

  5. In the 1 year subscription you pay for eleven boxes, 17.90 each box right? Beacause it stands that you Get one box free. So for the 1 year subscription box is IT 196,9 $ in total?

    1. Hi Signa! When you subscribe to 3-6-12 month plan, you pay the subscription fully upfront. With the 12 month plan you will save the price of 1 box, so you will pay for 11 Kawaii Boxes. :) The 12-month plan is 214,80 US dollars, which will be converted into your own currency when paying. :) You can always send us an email if you have any questions or concerns! :) <3

        1. We ship all the boxes out in the end of the month and usually the shipping time is around 2 weeks. The delivery time depends a bit on your local postal office – but usually the shipping time is around 2 weeks. :)

    1. Hi Patricia! Thank you for nice message! :) The DIY candy kits are fun to do, even if you don’t want to eat them! :) Or maybe it would make a great gift for a friend? :) <3

    1. Hi Benny! The monthly Kawaii Box plan is 19.80 US dollars per month. :) The shipping is free, anywhere in the world! :)

  6. Hello! I wonder if you could help me to know when my september kawaiibox is going to arrive help me please.><)


    1. Hi Laura! We are happy to help you to track the box! :) Please send us an email so we can help you to track it! ^___^ <3

    1. Hi Javiera! Usually the shipping time is around 2 weeks, and you will have a tracking code for your Kawaii Box too. :) The shipping is free and comes with the airmail! :)

  7. Hi I really want this for my daughter because it’s for her for Christmas but I want to get it for her I guess because well it’s like for like I really wanted to surprise her because she really really wants one of these and I told her that I will get one and I want to do a surprise for her

    1. Hi Lorilei! You can buy the items in the previous boxes from Blippo Kawaii Shop http://www.blippo.com! :) There are all the kawaii items from the Kawaii Boxes and lots of more! :) <3 You can also subscribe to monthly Kawaii Box plan, you still have few days to get the November box! :)

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