Kawaii Box – February 2017

Kawaii Box - February 2017

The February Kawaii Box included these 11 kawaii items!

If you’re living in the northern hemisphere it is still probably cold in February! Perfect time for wearing the new Sanrio Characters Socks and eat the Peko X Sanrio Chocolates! One of our favorite new characters is the San-X Jinbei-San Whale. Attach the Jinbei-San Plush Charm to hang from your bag or keys. Here is a full list of items included in the February Kawaii Box:

Kawaii Box - February 2017

▲ These super soft and fluffy pastel-colored Sanrio Characters Socks feature your favorite Sanrio friends  Little Twin Stars, Hello Kitty, My Melody & My Sweet Piano. They will keep you warm and make sure you are kawaii from head to toe!

Kawaii Box - February 2017

▲ The super sweet Heart Donut Keychain is made of soft squishy material and is covered with realistic looking delicious sprinkles.

Kawaii Box - February 2017

▲ One of San-X‘s newest characters, Jinbei-San, is a whale shark living under the sea. He has a big heart – and a big body! Everyone loves him and likes to rest on top him – that is why he has lots of friends! This San-X Jinbei-San Whale Plush is perfect hanging from your bag!

Kawaii Box - February 2017

Fujiya character Peko and Hello Kitty are best friends! Just like this box full of chocolates, they are cute & sweet inside out! These Peko X Sanrio Characters Chocolates are half milk chocolate and half pastel pink strawberry chocolate featuring all your favorite Sanrio characters on them.

Kawaii Box - February 2017

▲ Tohato has made these famous Caramel Corn treats since 1971 and they are popular for a reason! The light delicious taste of caramel and the crispiness of the corns together make these a perfect snack for any occasion!

Kawaii Box - February 2017

▲ Give your nails a kawaii touch! With these cute Sweet Sweet Nail Stickers, you’ll have cute and unique nails in an easy and fast way!

Kawaii Box - February 2017▲ The Secret of Princess DIY Korean Jewelry Set contains cute, different colored beads and strings to make your own pastel jewelry.

Kawaii Box - February 2017

▲ Attach this cute Harajuku Kawaii Pin to your bag, jacket or anywhere you want!

Kawaii Box - February 2017

▲ These cute Neko Paw Sticky Bookmarks are here to help you to remember and organize your notes! Stick them on the pages of your calendar and notebooks and you will find important dates and notes quickly.

Kawaii Box - February 2017

▲ This Lazy Polar Bear Pen features a polar bear who wandered a long time until he found his way on top of this pen! Now he is just laying around and too lazy to get up.

Kawaii Box - February 2017

▲ The Kawaii Smiles Sticker Sheet features different adorable animals, plants, and food items! All the stickers have cute little faces – they are either smiling, laughing, winking or surprised!

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  1. What a wonderful box full of surprises! My niece is going to LOVE these super soft Sanrio socks…but I’m keeping everything else! :D The nail decals are adorable. I’m wearing one on each hand to create an “accent nail,” and they really stay on! The stickers and pen are too cute for words, and the snacks were delicious. Thank you!!! :D

    1. Hi Alyssa! Thank you for your such lovely message! ?? Maybe you can share some of the stickers or chocolate with your niece too, and spread the kawaiiness to her too! ? Stay sweet and kawaii, and hopefully the next box will arrive to you soon! ???

    1. Hi Mia! The monthly subscription for Kawaii Box is 19.80 US dollars, and the shipping is always free, no matter where you live! ? Hopefully you could subscribe soon for one box! ?

  2. Thank you for my first ever Kawaii box. My Mum ordered me a years subscription for my 10th birthday and I LOVE it. My Mum just checked and the next box has just been paid for, so that one is going to come soon! I’m so pleased. I also had some Kawaii things from the Blippo website for my birthday too….I had so much fun playing and eating the fun sweets. Thank you for Kawaii. I love Kawaii. Love from Poppy. Age 10. Xxxxx

    1. Hi Poppy and thank you for such a lovely message! ?? And happy birthday too! ? Glad to hear you liked the first Kawaii Box – you have plenty more coming up! ?? Stay kawaii and sweet, and remember to send us an email if you ever have questions for us! ???

  3. Omg I just loved this box! I’m actually wearing my Sanrio socks right now! The sweets were SOOOO good and the plush is so cute too! I just love your boxes and this one was my fourth one! I have an other coming soon ! Btw happy April fools day!?

    1. Hi Kawaiicat! Glad to hear that you like the newest Kawaii Box, and the socks keeps you warm! ? Take good are of Jinbei-san and stay kawaii! ?

    1. Hi Nicol! Hopefully you could subscribe soon. ? You can always participate in the giveaways too, and hopefully you could win one box! ????

  4. Im wondering if you could help. I’ve ordered Poppy’s sister some Kawaii things off the Blippo page and can’t figure out when to expect delivery. It’s under her name, Rosie Andrews. Ordered on Friday 31st. Paid via PayPal. Help! It’s for her birthday! Xxx

    1. Hi Poppy! Please send us an email at hello@blippo.com, so we can help you to track your Blippo order! ? We ship the Blippo orders out within 24 hours during the weekdays! ? I’m waiting for your email! ?

  5. I just subscribed using the coupon for $5 off my first box! Looking at some of the previous boxes I am so excited to get my first Kawaii Box!

    1. Hi Brittni! That’s great, welcome to our kawaii family! ?? Your first box will be shipped at the very first day of June! ?? Stay kawaii! ?

  6. I really love these full-of-charm boxes. They made my month! The Sanrio socks are adorable, the best way that nobody else uses my socks and everything in the box is sooo nice and cute. Hopefully will arrange a problem with my credit card and started receiving them again soon!

    1. Hi Shirley! Glad to hear you love Kawaii Box as much as we do! ?? The socks were so fluffy and soft, perfect for cool days. We hope you return to our kawaii family soon again, and just send us an email if you need any help! ?

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