Kawaii Box – January 2017

Kawaii Box - January 2017

These 11 sweet kawaii items were included in the January Kawaii Box!

Let’s start the year 2017 with the cutest possible Kawaii Box! The January box included a full sized Popin Cookin’ DIY candy kit and also a super adorable Nemuneko plushie that almost did not even fit into the box! Here is a full list of items included in the January Kawaii Box:

Kawaii Box - January 2017

Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY sets are a fun and interesting way to make your own sweets. with this Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ Colorful Ramune Land DIY Kit you can create your own multi-colored soda-flavored gummy animals. Mix the materials to create your own color combinations!

Kawaii Box - January 2017

▲ Furyu Nemuneko cats are sleepy and adorable! This small and round Nemuneko Plushie is a perfect traveling companion. Nya!

Kawaii Box - January 2017

▲ Give your style that sweet kawaii finish with this Cute Ribbon Hair Clip.

Kawaii Box - January 2017

▲ These soft and fluffy Valentine’s Plush Stickers are perfect for decorating your Valentine’s Day cards and gifts!

Kawaii Box - January 2017

▲ Attach this cute Harajuku Badge to your bag, jacket or anywhere you want. Easy to attach and remove using the pin on the back.

Kawaii Box - January 2017

▲ This Ghost Pop Pocket Mirror is perfectly sized to be kept in a purse, pocket or cosmetic pouch!

Kawaii Box - January 2017▲ This Korean Meal Eraser Set includes a full Korean meal with each dish actually being an eraser. Shall I correct my mistakes with the crayfish?

Kawaii Box - January 2017

▲ Attach this cute Kawaii Bunny Phone Ring Holder & Stand to your mobile phone and make sure you will never misplace your phone again! You can easily set your phone firmly on the table and enjoy watching your pictures, movies and other content from the right angle.

Kawaii Box - January 2017

▲ Make writing and taking notes more delicious with this Pocky Stick Ballpoint Pen! The pen is shaped to look like everybody’s favourite treat, a Pocky stick!

Kawaii Box - January 2017

▲ This Twinkle Deco Jewels sheet includes one sheet of big and small sparkling jewel stickers which you can use to cover your phone, notebook, gift or any other product. Sparkle!

Kawaii Box - January 2017

▲ The Glico Popcan Disney Lollipop is shaped like Mickey Mouse and the package is decorated with your favorite Disney characters. Super cute! Which flavor did you receive? Cola, mixed fruits, ramune soda, muscat & grape, strawberry & peach or the mysterious secret flavour?

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  1. So many adorable things! The sleepy nemuneko couldn’t be cuter, and the pocket mirror makes me smile whenever I take it out of my purse. Of course, I love the stickers, as well. Thank you! :D

    1. Hi Indya! The DIY candies are so much fun to do and create! ? Remember to check the instructions from Blippo, if you need any help! ? or send us an email so we can direct you to the correct one! ?

        1. Hi Hamna! If you subscribe to 3-6-12 month plans, you will pay the subscription fee fully upfront. ? You don’t need to pay every month. The one box’s price with the 12-month plan is then 20.90 US dollars per box. ? The shipping is always free for our Kawaii Box, no matter where you live! Hopefully you can subscribe soon! ?

      1. Hi Mika. My 10 year old daughter is getting a subscription for the year as part of her birthday presents. Her first box will be the Match one…. What kind of stuff was in the box? I want surprises too… But generally….Was it cool stuff? Xxxx

        1. Hi Kate, Poppy & Rosie! The February box will arrive in March, and you can check the previous Kawaii Boxes to get a glimpse what we usually have in Kawaii Box. ?? There is lots kawaiiness and cool stuff in the February box for sure! ?? Hopefully will arrive to you soon! ?

  2. I only received two of the items from this box and I’m a little upset.
    I only got the fuzzy stickers and the stuffed kitty, I got the list of stuff I was supposed to get but nothing else. Is there any way I can get the rest of the stuff without getting charged extra?( since I already payed for them but didn’t get them)

    1. Hi Candace! Sorry to hear about the delivery troubles! We always ship the boxes out at the perfect condition, and that is how the box should arrive to you too! ? Please send us an email so we can assist you further! ?

  3. I hope Candice sorts out her problem! I am eagerly awaiting the first month’s Kawaii subscription box for my daughter …A birthday present so she’ll get things each month. I’d have thought I’d died and gone to heaven if such stuff was available when I was her age! We also ordered a few bits and pieces off the Blippo page, which came in the post this morning, her birthday, just in time to open before school. She was delighted! Only spent about £15, by looking for the special offers and I have never seen a smile so big on her face before! Loads of stickers, pretty envelopes, erasers, cute crazy Japanese sweets, keyrings, scented pens, glitter, pretty sticky tape, stamp sets with ink pads, all sorts. My other daughter looked almost as excited as her sister, so I’m going to order her a few bits and bobs too, right now, from the comfort of my bed (didn’t sleep last night) as it’s her birthday in four weeks. If the quality of the things I chose individually is anything to go by then the Kawaii Box should be brilliant! She doesn’t know yet that she’s getting the monthly subscription. She thinks the the Blippo box was all I’d ordered. Can you answer a question for me please? My daughter, who’s birthday it was today is Pusheen crazy. She has scoured the internet and has found no definite answer, only guesses from You Tubers…She wants to know what gender is Pusheen? Is it male or female? She has the medium sized plushie of it holding a rainbow sprinkled doughnut….And it goes everywhere. Sainsburys, the locker in swimming lessons, it escorts her to and from school, has its own little blanket for snuggling on the sofa next to her in the evenings. She feels silly calling Pusheen an “it”… But she also has a feeling that maybe it is neither. And simply ‘Pusheen’.. Any help please? It will COMPLETE her birthday.

    1. Hi Kate, Poppy & Rosie! ?? Thank you so much for such lovely feedback! ?? Glad to hear that the Blippo order made your day and brought such happiness to the school morning! ?? You can also check our past boxes here on the website, so you’ll get a good idea what is coming up in the next Kawaii Box. ? You can always send us an email so we can help you to track the arriving box – so you won’t miss the delivery! The Pusheen is a Domestic shorthair and a girl! ? She is very adorable indeed. ? Stay kawaii you all! ??

    1. Hi Karol! You can participate in the giveaway we publish on our social media sites and you can find online! Good luck! ?

    1. Hi Melany! The monthly Kawaii Box is 19.80 US dollars per month, and the shipping is always free! No matter where you live! ? Hopefully you can subscribe soon! ?

    1. Hi! The monthly Kawaii Box is 24.90 US dollars, and the shipping is free no matter where you live! ??

  4. Excuse me, does the amount of items you receive change each month or are you always left with an equal amount? Please and thank you.

    1. Hi Emily! Each Kawai Box includes 10 super cute kawaii products! ? The items change every month. ?

  5. I know this is a strange question, but are the items always licensed? I have been looking at other boxes such as YumeTwins and DokiDoki Japan crate, and they seem a lot more reliable… No offense, of course!

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