Kawaii Box – October 2016

October Kawaii Box included these 12 cute & kawaii products!

Pika Pika Pikachu! World’s favorite pocket monster Pikachu was featured in this month’s box together with some of your favorite Disney characters. Here is a full list of items included in the October Kawaii Box:

▲ Let your coins travel in kawaii style! This soft Pikachu Coin Purse is great for keeping your money safe on-the-go and it can also be used to store anything else kawaii and small!

▲ Write sweet letters to your friends and slip it into Japanese Sakura Envelopes. You will be definitely cheering up their day!

▲ The Disney Potepote Bean Plush series are adorable collectible plush toys based on popular Disney characters!

▲ These adorable puffy Food Themed Stickers are both colorful and delicious looking! The sheet includes several tasty fast food illustrations, like hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas and other yummy meals! Yummy!

▲ These tasty and fizzy Karipori Candy Sticks come in a brightly decorated funny box. Half of them are cola flavored and half of them are grape soda flavored. Like eating soda!

▲ This Marukawa Halloween Gum package features a trickster ghost with a dyed tongue… The chewing gum actually dyes your tongue to red or to black!

▲ This Cute Mechanical Pencil looks like a normal pencil! Writing is so smooth and fun with these kawaii animals that you don’t want to stop writing those long letters for your friends!

▲ With this DIY Cross Stich Keychain Kit you can create your own cross-stitched keychain!

▲ Cheer up your friends and family with the lovely Moomin Greeting Card.

▲ School days have never been yummier! Correct your mistakes with this cute Happy Food Eraser!

▲ Fill this Square Animal Spray Bottle with your favorite perfume, toner or water and keep it with you in your bag, purse or pocket!

▲ This Squishy Oreo Keychain looks just like the yummy cookie and even smells like it! Be careful not to taste it accidentally!

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  1. Loved this box! Basically got only the same as a few things shown, but I know they’re bound to be different sometimes. I looooooved it! I will definitely be buying more in the future OwO

    1. Hi Ionela! You can find all these items from the Blippo Kawaii Shop! :) Just click the name of the item and you will redirected to the Blippo Kawaii Shop! :) There are all the Kawaii Box items and much more! :) <3

  2. I really liked this one x3 Cute accessories, squishy food, AND cola-flavored candy; what else does a girl need? XD the only thing I didn’t like was the cross stitch pack; but only because I don’t know how to. I plan to try to learn so that I can enjoy it to its full extent :3

    1. Hi Christina! Thank you for such a nice message! <3 You can check other's cross stitch works on our social media and I am sure in time you can do a nice cross stitch keychain too! :)

  3. Wow! I stumbled upon your Instagram page and I was so excited when I surfed through it all! I loved it so much (and since I’m underage) I had asked my parents to get a year long subscription as my Chrismas present! They had agreed so I look forward to the next kawaii box! Keep up the good work! <3

    1. Hi Jazmine! Welcome to our kawaii family! <3 :) If you subscribed in December, the first box for you is the December box! :) We will try to make it kawaii - hopefully you will love it! :)

    1. Hi Daniela! The monthly Kawaii Box subscription is 19.80 US dollars per month. :) The shipping is always free for Kawaii Box! ^___^ <3

    1. Hi Daniela! The monthly Kawaii Box subscription is 19.80 US dollars per month, and the payment is automatically converted into your own currency when paying. :) The shipping is always free for Kawaii Box, anywhere in the world! ^___^ <3

  4. I couldn’t be more disappointed! I was expecting some kawaii Halloween things as you hinted on Fb for weeks, yet got a bunch of non-related stuff. You shouldn’t imply things like that on your posts. =(
    As a suggestion: try asking your subscribers for color preferences when possible!

    1. Hi! Sorry to hear that you feel this way about the October box. :( We try our best to post ideas according to the season, and before Halloween we posted lots of lovely ideas so you can prepare the kawaii Halloween! ^___^ We never tease our subscribers beforehand about the items in the box, as Kawaii Box is a surprise box. :) We are sorry for the mix-up, as we never meant to mean those ideas or items would be in the October Kawaii Box. :) Stay kawaii! ^___^ <3

  5. Your boxes are absolutely amazing i have gotten a couple beacause they are super cute i love the plushies and squishes Well done on makeing such good quality and sweet products! <3

    1. Hi Lara! Thank you for such lovely sweet words! :) We try our best to make each Kawaii Box different and even more cute than the previous ones, if possible! :) Stay kawaii and have a kawaii holidays! :) <3

    1. Hi Teodora! The 3-6-12 month plans are paid fully upfront, and the subscription will end automatically after the planned time. :) If you like a subscription plan that can be cancelled any time, you can subscribe to our monthly plan! :) <3

    1. Hi! Great to hear that you have subscribed! ?? The shipping time is usually around 2 weeks. Please send us an email so we can assist you to check your order! ??

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