Kawaii Box – September 2014

The September’s Kawaii Box was filled with 12 cute Japanese and Korean products that will surely kawaii-fy the upcoming Autumn months!

Use the adorable Alpacasso mini purse for storing all kinds of small items during your daily adventures. The stylish card case is perfect for travel or key cards and can be easily attached to a bag or keys. If your phone is not yet decorated with kawaii charms, start with the popsicle squishy, Neko pluggy and doughnut shaped animal charm. Wear the Korean hair band while making yourself a loom bracelet or other DIY projects with the cute Korean loom set. Use the cute animal notebook for daily note taking and decorate them with the glitter stickers. After that you can decorate your nails or almost anything else with just a little bit of glue and some cute Deco flakes. The mustache shoe laces can make even the most boring shoes a bit kawaii in just one minute. The Rilakkuma biscuit sticks are so delicious that you just cannot eat only one. Yummy! All these items were included in the September’s Kawaii Box:

  • Rilakkuma Biscuit Sticks
  • Alpacasso purse
  • Leather card holder
  • Korean hair band
  • Doughnut shaped animal charm
  • Korean loom set
  • Popsicle squishy
  • Nail & Deco flakes
  • Neko pluggy charm
  • Mustache shoe laces
  • Glitter sticker set
  • Animal notebook

Alpacasso min purse and the popsicle squishy charm.

Korean loom set for different DIY projects.

Cute card case and Japanese Rilakkuma biscuit sticks.

So many cute glitter stickers!

Korean hair band and a doughnut shaped animal charm.

Cute fruit flakes for decorating nails or almost any item!

Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with 10-12 hand-picked kawaii items directly to your home every month.


  1. have the kawaii boxes been shipped yet cause I ordered the kawaii box on September early and id really like to know when its gonna be shipped out and my order was number #8809

    1. Hi Daniela! Almost all of the boxes have been prepared already and are being shipped out daily. Hopefully your’s will be shipped soon! You will receive an email notification when that happens :)

      1. Hello, I would like to subscribe but I was watching youtube reviews and a lot of people had to pay a custom price of around 10 dollars and I don’t want that to happen to me :(

        1. Hi! Unfortunately we cannot control the customs fees of each individual country, but we have gotten no reports from customers having to pay any customs fees or taxes when receiving their Kawaii Box :)

    1. Hi! Yes, we ship to UK and the shipping is always free. Please let us know what you find difficult in Subscribing so we can improve the process :)

  2. Hallo leider wollen meine eltern mir keine box bestellen :( könnte ich dan bitte eine kawaii bix gratis bestellen damit ich meinen Eltern zeigen kann was für schöne Sachen drin sind ? Vlt ändern sie dan ihre Meinung

  3. Hello, I want to subscribe for the box but when I click on “Subscribe now” it doesn’t work. Can you help please? Thank you.

  4. hi, i got an email saying i’m being sent a Kawaii box i had no idea what it was until i searched it up . I havent ordered anything ! can u tell me why ? by the way i am so excited to get it ! Thanks <3

    1. Hi! Did you receive a newsletter or a shipping confirmation? If it’s only a newsletter you might have just subscribed to our mailing list :)

        1. Hi! If you subscribed to Kawaii Box, then you will receive one. You can send us an email if you would like us to check your subscription status :)

  5. hey! i was wondering if my order would have been shipped,i subscribed semptember 31st,so do i still get the october box? its still not here,so im not sure. thank you! ~Seera

    1. Hi Seera! If you subscribed in September, then you will receive the October box. If you need help with the tracking please send us an email :)

    1. Hi Laura! We are sorry to hear that you were missing an item from your box :( Please send us an email so we can send you the stickers.

    1. Hola! The price of Kawaii Box is in US dollars but Paypal will automatically convert to your local currency when you subscribe :)

  6. by any chance can u send me a sample package and see if I like it I always wanted to see what kind of stuff u guys have in the mouthly box and so plz can I have a sample box…????????????????????????????

    1. Hi Katie! Unfortunately we cannot send out sample boxes, but you can see what has been included previously by reading these blog posts. :)

    1. Hi! If you subscribe in December, you will receive the January box. If you would like to receive the September box, you would have to wait all the way to August to subscribe :)

  7. If I got my box thing yesterday when should it be here p.s love your vids wish I could subscribe but my parents won’t let me:(

    1. Hi Melanie. If you subscribed in December, then the first box you will receive is the January box which will be shipped in the beginning of January :)

    1. Hi Lilly! If you subscribed in December you will receive the January box. You can track it with the tracking code sent to you via email :)

    1. Hi Stuart! If you subscribe within January, you will receive the January box #2. Previously if you subscribed in January, you would have received the February box. But from now on as we start shipping them earlier, you will receive the box for the same month as you subscribed on. :)

  8. hola quiero esta caja y estoy ahorrando dinero la pregunta que tengo ¿la puedo recibir aunque estemos en 2015?
    y¿ si la pido me llegara esta misma?
    la quiero pero nose la información

  9. Holii Si pudiese ser me podríais mandar una cajita para comentarla en mi canal de YouTube y si se puede este paquetito q sea gratis por q es mi primer video en YouTube y quisiera que fuese un poquitin especial ….OS QUIERO ???? UN MONTÓN ???? BESITOS

    1. Hi Ema! We have the Reviewer of the Month program, and you can apply to it on our page! :) Just follow the instructions and good luck! :)

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