July 2021


Summer is finally here and you deserve a break!
See what was included in July's Kawaii Box!
Puku Puku Taiyaki Melon Cream Soda Wafer
Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped dessert that’s usually sold as summer street food. Bite into this crispy taiyaki-inspired wafer snack filled with melon cream soda bubble chocolate!
Cinnamoroll Beach Plushie
This Sanrio cutie is born in a cloud far up in the sky! Take this super fluffy Cinnamoroll plushie with you on your kawaii summer outing. You can attach him to your favorite tote bag!
Rainbow Cloud Pen
Use this super cute pen for writing in your summer scrapbook! Its cloud-shaped topper is the perfect reminder of all your sunny outdoor adventures!
Pastel Ice Cream Highlighter Set
You can never celebrate summer without a little ice cream! Get artsy with these ice cream-shaped highlighters and have fun adding some splash of colors to your journal!
Purikura Sticker Flakes
Purikura or photo booths are super popular in Japan as you can edit pictures with phrases, sparkles, and cute characters. Kawaii-fy your holiday albums with these purikura-style stickers!
Tropical-Rouge Seashell Precure Charm
Tropical-Rouge is the newest Pretty Cure series with themes focusing on mermaids and club activities. Kawaii-fy your favorite backpack with this Tropical-Rouge bag charm shaped like a seashell!
Aiko Summer Kimono Earphones Case
Aiko’s ready to head down to a summer festival wearing a super cute yukata (summer kimono). Always have your earphones with you in this handy case that you can easily clip to your bag.
Decora Kei Japanese Drink Hair Clip
Decora kei is a famous Japanese fashion style that’s all about bright colors and cute accessories! Add a dash of decora kei style to your look with this super kawaii hair clip!
Kawaii-fy Your Life!
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