March 2021


Enter an enchanting dream land with kawaii superpowers!
See what was included in March's Kawaii Box!
Pretty Cure Grape Gummies
Pretty Cure is a famous Japanese magical girl anime series about a group of girls who use their powers to fight evil forces. Enjoy this pack of sweets that are just as magical as the series!
Magical Girl Star Wand
Unleash your magical girl powers as you wave this super cute wand around! It lights up and plays music at the push of a button. Have fun swishing it & using it as an accessory to kawaii-fy your look!
Sumikko Gurashi Fantasy Multi-color Pen
Sumikko Gurashi are well-loved whimsical creatures who prefer the quiet life in the corner of a room. Write kawaii magical thoughts and fantasy tales with the help of these shy cuties!
Jewel Magic Wand Stickers
Imagine you’re a cute magical girl on a mission to kawaii-fy any lackluster surfaces! Simply stick these sparkly pieces on the cover of your journal to create a kawaii magical theme!
Pretty Cure Magical Notebook
Let these cute magical girls unleash your creative kawaii superpowers! Ward off evil thoughts by writing down magical dreams and inspirations in this notebook!
Pote Usa Loppy Fluffy Plushie
Pote Usa Loppy are super cute bunnies known for their floppy ears and blushing cheeks. Cuddle with this fluffy cutie as you snooze off into a magical dream land.
Amuse Characters Adventure Pocket Mirror
These super kawaii animals will help make sure your look is on point! You can easily fit this cute mirror inside your pocket or purse so you can touch-up wherever you go.
Decora Kei Bracelet Set
Magically transform your look with these super cute bracelets! You can mix and match them to add a dash of decora kei or Harajuku style to your look!
Kawaii-fy Your Life!
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