March 2022


Our kawaii supergirl Aiko is ready to save the day!
See what was included in March's Kawaii Crate!
Kirby Star Plushie Charm
Nintendo’s popular pink puff hero, Kirby has been fighting baddies in arcade games since 1992! Join Kirby on his magical adventures throughout Dream Land as you hang this plushie charm to your bag.
Blippo Magical Girl Aiko Bottle
Always stay hydrated whenever you’re out in your kawaii adventures! Fill this handy reusable bottle with your favorite refreshing drink! Magical Girl Aiko is here to help reduce single-use plastic in a fun and cute way!
Sumikko Gurashi Memo Basket Set
Sumikko Gurashi is a bunch of shy creatures who like living in a quiet corner. Write quick reminders with these kawaii memo paper sheets and use the handy basket to store your notes or other small essentials.
Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Gummy Candies
Tropical-Rouge is the 18th installment of the popular Japanese magical girl anime series Pretty Cure! Its theme focuses on mermaids and club activities. Enjoy these PreCure candies that come in grape, peach, or lemon flavors.
Ice Cream Highlighter Set
These ice cream-shaped highlighters are the perfect addition to your kawaii stationery collection! Get artsy and have fun adding some splash of colors to your journal.
Sweet Desserts Masking Tape
Deco tapes are a great way to personalize anything and let your kawaii side shine through! Use this yummy-looking tape to decorate your journals, planners, calendars, and more!
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