May 2019


See which kawaii things were included in the May Kawaii Birthday Box!
DIY Fruity Doodle Pen & Flower Candy
Decorate fruity flower gummies with this sweet strawberry gel pen! Add a sweet center to the gummies or decorate the petals with yummy candy!
Sanrio Characters Zip Top Bag Set
Sanrio’s kawaii zip top bags are wonderful for securely storing all of your cute candies and trinkets. Bring snacks to a picnic or keep your travel toiletries organized.
Disney Characters Dress Up Stickers
Have loads of fun sticking, mixing and matching pretty outfits with these reusable stickers! Create new kawaii outfits for each occasion!
Kawaii Dreams File Folder
This exclusive dreamy file folder is perfect for storing all of your notes, artwork, and more! Carry your important documents in style!
Cute Stationery Buddy Plush Charm
Who said office supplies can’t be kawaii? Show your appreciation for all things cute by attaching this little guy to your book bag or purse!
Soft Jell Rainbow Gel Pen Set
With all the colors of the rainbow at your fingertips, journal in the color of your mood, add doodles, or write birthday cards to friends!
Cute Animal Friend Masking Tape
From adding cute accents to your journal to creating gorgeous designs in your scrapbook, this adorable animal patterned masking tape is full of cute possibilities!
Nekoni Cherry Blossoms Badge
Spruce up your style with this lovely cherry blossom badge from Nekoni. Attach it to your bag or jacket!
Yogurt Jelly Hair Clip Set
These Yakult inspired hair clips are here to add some charm to your outfit! Use them alone or mix them with other accessories for a decora kei look!
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