May 2020


Join us in celebrating our 6th kawaii birthday!
See the kawaii items included in the May's Kawaii Box!
Kawaii Dreams Handbag
What better birthday present than the gift of kawaii. This exclusively designed bag has plenty of space to comfortably store your cute accessories, cosmetics, and more!
Chocoball Brisk White Soda
No party is complete without refreshments. Chocoball mascot Kyoro Chan has brought crisp soda to the celebration in the form of these unusually flavored yet tasty chocolates.
Amuse Character Egg Shaped Hair Brush
Start your day with this cutie from Amuse as she helps you tame unruly locks. Its egg shape lets it fit comfortably in your palm and it’s easy to slip into your cosmetics case or backpack.
Neon Candy Highlighter
Don’t let this tasty-looking marker tempt you. Using this vibrant highlighter makes marking important texts in your studies or work a sweet treat.
Little Fairy Tale 2-in-1 Sharpener & Eraser
Let this fairy tale girl assist you with writing out all of your celebration plans. You’re free to write uninterrupted, just sharpen your pencil and banish any writing mistakes as needed.
Sakura Washi Tape Set
The decoration possibilities are endless with this set brimming with flower power. Customize birthday cards, letters, and more as you enjoy these cherry blossoms from the comfort of your room.
Butterfly Blossom Pen
Spring is in the air and the butterflies fly to you with this pen. Use it for writing greetings to friends and family or doodle your spring daydreams.
Sweet Bow Hair Tie Set
Staying in means a relaxed beauty regime. Use these to add a cute touch to your comfy outfit without any hassle. Whether it’s a messy bun or bouncy pig tails, you’ll be looking extra kawaii!
Kawaii-fy Your Life!
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