How to Make Kawaii Onigiri

Sanrio Onigiri Deco Pack

This Sanrio Onigiri Deco Pack was included in the June 2020 Kawaii Box. Follow this tutorial on how to use the deco packs and enjoy onigiri anywhere you like!

Onigiri, or rice balls, are the ultimate Japanese snack. In Japan, people often bring them to eat at school, work, or picnics with friends.

Sanrio Onigiri Deco Pack

The set comes with four Sanrio character deco pack sheets and seal stickers for you to wrap four rice balls.

Sanrio Onigiri Deco Pack

First, you need to make the rice balls! Simply cook rice and add your favorite seasonings such as furikake, seaweed, or even just salt. Shape the rice into triangles in wet hands to avoid any rice sticking to you. Once you’ve shaped your rice balls, it’s time to wrap them!

Sanrio Onigiri Deco Pack

Carefully slide the rice ball into the deco pack.

Sanrio Onigiri Deco Pack

Fold the bottom edges of the pack to the back and seal with the included sticker.

Sanrio Onigiri Deco Pack

You can also label what type of onigiri it is on the blank space on the back!

Ta-da! Your kawaii rice ball is now covered in Sanrio cuteness and ready to go!

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  1. Thanks for the cute kawaii box of June and this discovery. I made my first onigiri yesterday. ;-)

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