Kawaii Box – March 2018

Kawaii Box March 2018

This kawaii subscription box arrived just in time for Easter… making it the cutest Easter surprise! Gudetama, one of our favorite Sanrio characters loves Easter, being lazy, and eating chocolate eggs.

Here is a full list of items included in the March Kawaii Box:

Kawaii Box March 2018

▲ Find your inner magical girl and make your own sparkly mystical edible magic rings with this Heart Sweet Jewelry DIY Gummy Kit! Find the tutorial here.

Kawaii Box March 2018

▲ Gudetama has dressed up for Easter, how cute is that? Attach the Gudetama Easter Plush Charm to your bags, keys or wherever you want by the removable ball chain on the top of its head!

Kawaii Box March 2018

▲ One of San-X‘s newest characters, Jinbesan, is a whale shark living under the sea. Everyone loves him and likes to rest on top of him, that is why he has lots of friends! In these adorable Jinbesan stickers, he is hanging around with his friends, smiling and sleeping under the sea.

Kawaii Box March 2018

▲ This adorable and realistic Just Eat It Mini Backpack Purse is perfect for your money, cosmetics, and other small items.

Kawaii Box March 2018

▲ This plastic Sanrio Characters Ruler fits easily into your pencil case due to its handy folding feature. The ruler is 15 cm when folded and 30 cm when opened. Which character did you receive?

Kawaii Box March 2018▲ Make writing and taking notes more cheerful with this Wide Eyed Neko Ball Point Pen decorated with a surprised looking cat!

Kawaii Box March 2018

▲ Protect your hearing and keep your earplugs safe and always with you in the cutest possible way with this Cute Earplugs Kit!

Kawaii Box March 2018

▲ Share your lovely thoughts with your friends and thank them for being there! Write a cute letter, slip it into this Kawaii Pattern Envelope and cheer up everyone’s day!

Kawaii Box March 2018

▲ Use this cute and a bit chubby Kawaii Animals Eraser to keep your notes and letters clean!

Which was your favorite item? Tell us by leaving a comment on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to hear your feedback! ❤

Kawaii Box spreads happiness and love for kawaii culture directly from Japan to your door! Each monthly mystery box is filled with kawaii things ranging kawaii stationery, cute squishies, kawaii plushies & more! Kawaii-fy your life with a monthly kawaii care package!



  1. Hi! I just ordered my first Kawaii Box a few days ago, and I’m a little confused if I will get this month’s or next month’s box?

    1. Hi Noodles! If you pay the Kawaii Box in March, you will get the April box! It should be shipped to you soon! ✈️😊

    1. Hi Amy! There were 9 items in the March box – the number of items may vary from month to month. Usually, there are 9 or 10 items! If you subscribe in March any day, you will get the April box. 😊

    1. Hi Anna! We are always happy to help! Please send us a chat message and we will assist you! The customs just want to check your box and it should soon be in transit to be delivered! 🌸😊?

  2. Maybe this will help some of you. I am on the East coast of the US, once I get the first email saying that my box has been shipped it takes about 10-12 days to reach me. ( Feb.box-11 days.)
    I and my grandchildren are enjoying them.

    1. Thank you for the feedback! ❤️ So happy to hear too that grandchildren love the Kawaii Box! 😊 Have a kawaii Easter! 🌸

  3. Hi I have a question about the kawaii box. This is my first time ordering from kawaii box and I am not so sure how long it would take to get to Canada and if you can find out what day. Thanks and by the way I love this website it is super cute!

    1. Hi! 😊 We ship the first Kawaii Box to you in a few days! It should arrive in Canada in few weeks, you can always send us a message here on the site! We can then track the box with you! 🌸😊

  4. My niece has the April box and I want to give her a different thing so that the gifts are not repeated. Can I buy the may box 2018?

    1. Hi Cris! If you subscribe any day in April, you will get the May box! We will ship the first box to you in a few days as well! 🌸😊

  5. I want the box of May u, v, u but I can not do it these days.

    Can I order it in the month of May?

    1. Hi Kiara! 😊 If you subscribe in April, you will get the May box! If you want to get the May box items, you can shop for them at Blippo Kawaii Shop! 🌸😊

  6. Hi I can’t wait to get my box I am hoping I get a subscription for my birthday which is in may the 11th once I get it I will be sure to review it on my YouTube channel.

    1. Hi Juliana! That sounds lovely! 🌸😊 Happy & kawaii birthday in advance! If you ever do unboxing, please send us the link! 😊 we are always happy to see the videos! ❤️

  7. Hi, these boxes are very cute : ) But is it normal to not get exactly the same items that are shown ? In my April box one of the items is different to what is shown. I did not get the pink Loppy Rabbit, instead I got a different white plushie. Thank you.

    1. Hi there! We had 2 different bunnies in April box – Amuse Pote Usa and the Marucoro Rabbie! 🌸😊 They both so adorable! Both of them came in many colors as well! 💙💛

    1. Hi there! 😊 If you subscribe in April, the first box you will receive is the May Kawaii Box! We are happy to help you to check your subscription, please send us a message and we will assist you! 🌸😊

  8. Hi, The March Kawai box is beautiful 💗.
    I have a question, I notice now that I miss the Wide Eyed Neko Ball Point Pen and I think is late lo do something, but in the future If this happens what can I do?

    1. Hi Rosa! 🌸😊 You can always send us a message, and we are super happy to help with any missing items!

  9. KawaiiBox,please tell me how to change my username,in account (where I assume you change your username)I can’t find the change username if you have one!

    1. Hi Negrea! ? The price of monthly Kawaii Box is 19.90 US dollars, and you can check the price in your currency from the bank or online. The shipping is free, to Romania too! 🌸😊

  10. The gummy ring DIY kit is adorable!Sometimes I dream of having an adorable room and kawaii life,and Mika is making it come true by the way I love your name!^•^

  11. When you deliver to the Philippines, do you deliver it like door to door or do I have to pick it up on the post office? I hate it when that happens when I order abroad since they charge too much.

    1. Hi! 😊 In every country, the local post office delivers the Kawaii Box to you. It depends on the post service, how they deliver the box, you can ask them for the more details about the delivery. 😊✨

  12. Hola, junto a mi kawaii box, recibí un cupón donde yo con un código me regalaban una kawaii gift gratis, pero que debo hacer para reclamarla… Espero que me ayuden

    1. Hola! You may claim your free kawaii gift from our Blippo Kawaii Shop. You can order anything as no minimum purchase is required and once you are in the checkout page, there should be a box where you can type the code in. You can also email us anytime at hello@kawaiibox.com if you need help with anything and I’ll be happy to assist! 😊❤️️

    1. Hi there! You may enter your code in the checkout page of our Blippo Kawaii Shop. Once you are in the checkout page, there should be a box where you can type the code in. I hope this was helpful! 😊 Feel free to email us anytime at hello@kawaiibox.com should you have any concerns or queries and we’ll be happy to help! ❤️️

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