August 2021


Summer is over and it’s time to head back to school!
See what was included in August's Kawaii Box!
Pretty Cure Star Snacks
Pretty Cure is a popular Japanese anime series focused on cute magical girls! Fuel your own magical girl powers by eating these tasty star-shaped treats with a bowl of milk.
Sanrio Popsicle Pencil Case
Summer is ending but the fun continues with this super cute popsicle-shaped pencil case! Let this Sanrio cutie help you organize all your kawaii writing essentials!
Rilakkuma Pen
Rilakkuma literally means “bear in a relaxed mood.” He loves taking life easy with his friends Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Chairoikoguma. Relax and write at your own pace with this kawaii pen!
Sparkling Sanrio Deco Stickers
These Sanrio cuties are here to kawaii-fy any lackluster pages of your journal or notebook! You can also use these stickers to mark important dates in your calendar.
Pudgy Coroham Coron Case
Coroham Coron are a bunch of cuddly hamsters who like rolling around for fun. Organize your small school essentials like paper clips by using this super cute multi-purpose case!
Yoichomaru Fuwa Friends Eraser
Erase mistakes away on your notes with the help of the Yoichamaru friends! These unique buddies are fond of thinking deeply and stacking on top of each other.
Magical Treats Notebook
There’s no such thing as a boring day at school when you have this super cute notebook! Have fun writing your notes and all the kawaii things you did during the day!
Sweets Magic Paper Clips
Cute paper clips like these are perfect for adding a dose of kawaii to plain files and documents! You don’t have to worry about losing them too! Just place them back inside the glittery pouch.
Kawaii-fy Your Life!
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