July 2018


Take a peek at which cute kawaii things were included in the July Kawaii Box!
Sanrio Pyoconoru Hanging Plush
Pyoconoru are supercute petite plushies that hang perfectly off any ledge - including monitors, shelves and tables! Perfect for cute pics!
Kabaya Watermelon Gummies
Watermelon is a hugely popular fruit snack during the summer in Japan. Stay refreshed with these tasty sugar coated gummies shaped like watermelon slices!
Gudetama Stickers
Gudetama is the world’s favorite lazy egg. He is refusing to leave his comfort zone, the egg white! Add some Gude-ness to your letters, planners and other cute projects!
Syringe Highlighter Pen
Highlight your favorite summer plans with this super unique syringe-shaped highlighter pen!
Kawaii Unicorn Nail Stickers
Give your nails that final kawaii sparkle and be ready for the cutest summer adventures!
Mochi Squeeze Toy Charm
Mochi is a traditional Japanese rice cake treat. Squeeze your worries away with this realistic-looking mochi squeeze toy!
Flamingo Multicolor Pen
All the colors of the rainbow in one handy and cute pen! Doodle some cute characters to your planner and letters!
DIY Whipped Cream Cupcake Kit
Unleash your kawaii creativity and create supercute whipped cream cupcakes! Decorate them with fruit slices and serve on the tiny tray! Fun for a rainy day indoors.
Sweet Donut Hair Ties
Kawaii-fy your style and get into summer holiday mood in seconds. These cute donuts go well with any outfit!
Sanrio Characters Washi Tape
Washi is traditional Japanese paper and this supercute washi tape is decorated with Sanrio characters. Add some cuteness to your summer crafting projects!
Kawaii-fy Your Life!
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