June 2019


Delve into a magical ocean adventure & see which
kawaii items were included in the June Kawaii Subscription Box!
Marukawa Kirby Mix‘n'Match Gum
Nintendo’s super popular game character Kirby is here to share his otherworldly powers! Chew 2 different flavors of this gum at once to create totally new and outrageous flavors!
Aiko Little Mermaid Face Towel
This Kawaii Box exclusive towel will keep your hands and face dry whether you’re at the beach or at the office! Easily fold it up and keep Mermaid Aiko with you in your bag!
Our Little Mermaid Notebook
Write diary entries, notes, or stories of deep sea adventures in this lovely mermaid notebook! The lined pages will keep all of your important writings neatly organized.
Kawaii Jellyfish Ink Pen
This pen will make even the most mundane writing tasks fun! Use the jellyfish’s ink to draw underwater doodles or take notes at school and show off your eye for kawaii!
Mermaid Nail Stickers
These dazzling nail stickers will add the perfect oceanic touch to your summer party look. Just stick them to your nails for an instant nautical manicure!
Puffy Narwhal Sticky Notes
Narwhals are the majestic unicorns of the sea. Feel their magic every time you need to jot down a note or mark an important date in your planner.
Little Twin Stars Key Cover
Enjoy a touch of cuteness everytime you lock your door! Just slip the key cover over the top and your kawaii key is good to go! Perfect also as a charm on your bag!
Dreamland Puffy Stickers
These adorable pastel stickers will add a magical atmosphere to your journal or scrapbook. Use them to create a frame around photos or paste them on your drawings!
Round Neko Plushie Charm
These round kitty plushie charms are perfect for rolling around and squishing in the palm of your hand. Use the ball chain to attach them to your backpack, beach bag, or anything you like!
Special Surprise Treat
Special Surprise Treat
A special mystery Japanese candy or snack randomly selected from our kawaii warehouse.
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