November 2018


Take a peek at what kawaii things were included in the November Kawaii Box!
Gudetama Chocolate Bar
Gudetama is our favorite lazy egg! He never leaves his comfort zone, the egg white. Enjoy this crunchy white chocolate bar and be more like Gudetama!
Sanrio Characters Sakura Plushie
This super cute Sanrio character plushie is always happy to cheer you up. Perfectly chubby and already dressed for the sakura season!
Sanrio Marumofubiyori Plush Pouch
Marumofubiyori is a white bear cub that is always wrapped in his favorite blanket and loves to laze around at home.
Thankful Memo-It Notes
What are you thankful for? Write down one thing each day and appreciate those big and small blessings of daily life!
Sakura 2019 Desk Calendar
Keep your upcoming new year organized with the help of this super sweet sakura themed desktop calendar. Perfect for your school, work and personal planning!
San-X Corocoro Coronya Stickers
Corocoro Coronya is a small lazy cat who lives on a street corner and likes to hide inside a coronet bread. Sometimes even wearing it as a hat.
Sushi Ink Pen
What is better than sushi? A sushi Thanksgiving feast! It’s not a traditional Thanksgiving menu item but we surely think it should be!
Kawaii Neko Letter Set
We all have many awesome friends to be thankful for. Let’s write each of them a cute letter and thank them for all the love and support!
Pastel Animals Coin Purse
Store your spare coins and other important small things in this lovely kawaii purse. Perfect Harajuku style accessory for everyday use!
Molang Eraser
Molang is a popular and lovely chubby ‘pig rabbit’ from South Korea. PuiPui, the yellow chick, is her best friend and follows her everywhere.
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