November 2019


Embark on a fantastic journey to a magical kawaii world!
See which magical kawaii items were included in the November Kawaii Box!
Meito Pukupukutai Yumekawa Wafer Snack
This dreamy Taiyaki fish-shaped wafer snack got a majestic makeover! Sky blue on one side, lilac on the other, the wafer contains dreamy cloud-like double berry chocolate filling.
Magical Anime Girl Wand
Transform into a magical girl with this kawaii wand that emits otherworldly lights and sounds! Give it a swish to awaken your inner kawaii powers and look cute while doing so!
Fluffy Pastel Octopus Plushie
Cuddly may not come to mind when you think of octopuses, but this little guy changes that! This mysterious creature is the perfect companion for your adventures, underwater or otherwise!
Metallic Mermaid Tail Pen
Let gorgeous mermaids whisk you away on an undersea adventure with this sleek tail-inspired pen. Just what you need to write all about your nautical tales.
Magical Wish Notes In A Bottle
Create your own enchanted messages in a bottle! Write down your wishes on the slips of paper inside, seal it with the cork, and send if off or store it near you as you wait for them to come true!
Sparkly Mermaid Hair Clip
Feel like a mystical mermaid swimming in the sea with this kawaii hair clip. It’ll complement any nautical outfit or bring some extra sparkle to your decora kei look!
Magical Bunny Pastel Gift Bag
Share the gift of kawaii adventure with this enchanted bunny bag perfect for accessories and knick knacks. No matter what you put inside it, the contents will be enveloped in cuteness.
Unicorn Heroine Pocket Mirror
Even the fiercest heroines need to pause for a moment to check that their look is on point. Easily use this mirror when you need to fix up your makeup and return to your magical quest!
Glittery Animals & Jewels Puffy Stickers
Add some shimmery animal cuteness to your notebooks with these beautiful puffy stickers. Simply place them on a page and watch them sparkle and shine in the light like a magic spell!
Mystery Kawaii Item
This is a special mystery kawaii bonus gift selected from our kawaii warehouse.
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