October 2020


Be spooktacularly cute with Aiko as you go trick or treating!
See the kawaii things included in October's Kawaii Box!
Spooky Monster Stamp Candies
Lick these spooky candies and use them as stamps! Press these monster pattern treats on your skin or your hands before you munch on these ghoulish sweets.
Pokémon Halloween Choco Corn Puffs
These kawaii corn snacks are shaped like a kawaii Pikachu face! Join the Pokémon gang in their spooky Halloween party with these delicious choco puffs!
Sanrio Character Fluffy Plushie Charm
Go trick-or-treating with this fluffy Sanrio plushie that also works as a bag charm! Just attach it to your Halloween goodie bag or your Jack-o’-Lantern and you’re all set.
Rainbow Mane Star Extension Clip
Halloween doesn’t mean you have to be spooky! Add a dash of Harajuku style to your kawaii outfit by wearing this sparkly star barrette with a rainbow hair extension.
Sparkly San-X Sticker Flakes
San-X characters are whimsical cute creatures who always look relaxed and are known to have their own quirky traits. Use these shiny sticker bits to decorate your party favors and photos!
Gummy Bear Paper Clip
Don't be tricked as these cute gummy bears aren't sweet treats! You can use these candy-like paper clips to keep all your files organized in a kawaii way.
Gudetama Sticky Notes
Gudetama is the famous lazy egg character from Sanrio. Whenever you feel lazy like Gudetama, simply write important reminders on these tabs and save them for later.
Pudgy Animal Wind Chime Pen
The kawaii hanging animal charm on this pen is inspired by a mini furin or Japanese wind chime. Watch its tail sway and hear the bell ring as you write your very own spooky story.
Wicked Witch Color Changing Gum
This fizzy drink-flavored gum will suddenly change the color of your tongue as you chew it. Perfect if you want to play some tricks on your friends this Halloween!
Mystery Halloween Treat
Mystery Halloween Treat
There are no tricks here, just a mystery spooktacular Halloween treat just for you! Don’t be scared to indulge and enjoy it!
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