September 2018


Take a peek at which super cute kawaii things were included in the September Kawaii Box!
Sumikko Gurashi Plushie
Sumikko Gurashi are shy and perfectly reflect the nature of Japanese people. This Sumikko Gurashi plushie is a cute and trustworthy travel companion!
Sumikko Gurashi Travel Badge
The name Sumikko Gurashi literally translates to “living in a corner”. Attach this badge to your bag and the Sumikko Gurashi will follow you wherever you go!
Happy Nikukyu Paw Gummies
These fun & yummy soda flavored gummies are shaped like paws. Perfect sweet snack for your kawaii adventures!
San-X Characters Notepad
San-X is the creator of Sumikko Gurashi and countless other cute characters. This is a perfect travel notepad for documenting all your experiences!
Sparkly Deco Tape Set
Color up your world with these super sweet deco tapes! Each tape has a different sparkly glitter pattern.
Unicorn Washi Tape
This cute washi tape is decorated with cute unicorns and made from traditional Japanese paper. Add some unicorn cuteness to your travel plans!
Gudetama Stickers
Gudetama's name is a wordplay on the Japanese term "gude gude" which means someone who has no strength or energy, just like Gudetama!
Unicorn Pen With Light
Unicorns are the world’s favorite spirit animals! This kawaii pen has a light on the top. Let the unicorn show you the way!
Inu & Neko Sticky Notes
These sticky notes are perfect for marking interesting parts in books and magazines! The cute cats & dogs are all from different parts of the world. Which one did you receive?
Sweet Unicorn Gel Pen
Writing is more fun when this cute unicorn is there to cheer you up! This gel pen is handy for note taking and writing cute letters to your friends.
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