September 2019


Get ready for furry snuggles with your whiskered friends!
See which dog & cat items were included in the September Kawaii Box!
Neko or Inu Paw Pad Gummies
These sweet gummies perfectly capture the fun of squishing cute paw pads. Best of all, they have a deliciously creamy and irresistibly fragrant strawberry milk flavor.
Chuken Mochi Shiba Plushie
Shibas are arguably the funniest dogs and who doesn’t love a chubby puppy? Just like its name implies, this super kawaii shiba inu has a pudgy, mochi-like body dying to be cuddled.
Disney Collect Like Stickers
The magic of Disney meets holographic glam in this sticker sheet. Use them to instantly add some razzle dazzle to your notebooks or decorate letters to your best friends.
Pastel Seashell Ear Plugs & Case
Whether you’re at a J-Pop concert or just need some quiet, you can be cute while protecting your ears! The sparkly case will keep the ear plugs from getting lost and easily fits in your pocket.
Carrot Candy Erasers
We know kawaii is in the details. That’s why we’ve included these sweet erasers perfect for tidying up your notes and keeping your calendar looking its best.
Kitty Pals Coin Purse
These furry friends are here to keep your spare change, lip balm, and more safe. Clip it to your bag for easy access or use it on its own when out walking your pet.
Pastel Dream Bottle Strap
Standard beverages get the kawaii treatment with this dreamy bottle strap. Clip this strap to your bottle, wear it on your shoulder, and strut your stuff while staying hydrated in style!
Cat Coffee Stand Notebook
Wouldn’t it be great if cats ran a coffee stand? This kawaii notebook brings that dream to life! Perfect for journaling or writing fantastic stories about cute kitties at a cafe.
Ice Cream Puppy Pen
This adorable ball point pen is just like a miniature ice cream cone, but with a furry twist! The happy puppy on top will lift your spirits as you write down notes or journal.
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