September 2021


Kirby the cheerful pink poof ball is ready to save the day!
See what was included in September's Kawaii Box!
Nericcho Strawberry Ice Cream DIY Candy Kit
Get your instant ice cream fix without having to go out! You can easily make your own strawberry dessert that looks like soft-serve ice cream and scoop it into mini wafer cones.
Kirby Mix & Match Gum
Kirby is here to share his otherworldly powers! Chew two different pieces at once to create new taste combinations. These treats come in different drink and fruit flavors.
Kirby Adventure Plushie
Nintendo’s pink puff hero, Kirby has been fighting baddies in arcade games since 1992! Join him in his many adventures with this fluffy plushie that you can hang to your favorite bag.
Kirby Pastel Dream HB Pencil
Add this pencil to your stationery collection for some pastel cuteness! It’s also perfect for scribbling down your own kawaii adventures, just like Kirby!
Magical Drink Gel Pen
Let this super cute pen inspire you to write down all your sweet thoughts! You can also use it to jot down all the fun adventures you plan to do in your journal.
Happy Neko Kitchen Sponge
Who says washing the dishes is boring? Keep your plates nice and clean with this kawaii die-cut sponge. This smiling cat (or “neko” in Japanese) will help you wipe all the dirt away.
Kirby Game Collectible Stamp
Have fun decorating your scrapbooks, journals, and letters! This Kirby stamp series has six super cute designs that you can collect! Which collectible stamp character did you get?
Sumikko Gurashi Ruler
Sumikko Gurashi are a shy bunch who prefers the quiet life in the corner of a room. This ruler makes for the perfect addition to your kawaii school or work setup!
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