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5 months ago

This box full of kawaii Japan accessories are amazing! Inside I found many different very cute things! Inside i found 2 different pack of cute stickers, a set of pastel highlighter, a fluffy purse a very pure soft pen, a pack of amazing biscuits and many other pastel things! Love all! Thank you so much

6 months ago

I decided to order one of these boxes and it finally arrived, it is adorable! 💕
The box was a bit damaged, which is sad because it is very cute in itself 🤭, but all the items are well protected inside. Thank you for the leaflet.
I love the cheesecake cookies. They taste very good! 😋
The Highlighter Set is one of my favorite items too, it’s very cute.
The notebook is very useful and pretty, of good quality, and stickers are always appreciated.
Honestly, most or all of these articles are very useful, which was important to me (although I also wanted to be surprised ✨, thank you).
I’m very grateful. Worth it.
Thank you very much. ❤️

6 months ago

Great communication!

Edith delgado
6 months ago

I really really loved my first box from you guys I don’t regret subscribing to it I hope I get as many boxes to fill my room and heart with all the cute things that you guys send every month

6 months ago

Not bad for my first Kawaii Box! The stationary items are adorable and perfect for my work desk! Most of the items in the box are high quality, only a couple are sub-standard in my opinion. All of them, however, are adorable and suited the theme fairly well. Overall, very pleased, and excitedly awaiting the next box!

6 months ago

The Kawaii box was so much fun! I really enjoyed all of those items. I use my new pen and highlighters every day.

6 months ago

Really not a great experience. Ordered the box for ONE month only, not to be ordered again and after I realized that I wanted to put my money elsewhere I cancelled the order literally 10 minutes after I placed it. Then a few days later I get an email saying they just shipped it out with tracking. The catch is, once they send the box out it’s impossible to get a refund, even though I cancelled it and it said it was pending cancellation DAYS before. I feel scammed out of my money, and almost $40 bucks is a lot for something I wasn’t even wanting. When I inquired about it through email they literally didn’t even say anything and just brushed me off without offering a solution. I will not be recommending this box to anyone and still wish I could’ve gotten my money back.

Response from Kawaii Box
Hi Roxy! I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Seems like there has been some kind of misunderstanding regarding your subscription. :/ You have subscribed on Dec 29, and you have canceled your subscription on the same day. This way you only receive one box as was your plan. You also have not been charged for more than one box. :)
Bob Tran
6 months ago

Super cute products at a super great value! It is really fun to open the box to see what kind of items you will get!

6 months ago

My grand daughter and I loved opening the first Kawaii Box together. I grew up in Northern California (Santa Rosa) and I loved going to the mall as a tween to the Hello Kitty store. My favorite store ever. :) I still love Hello Kitty and all the others. (sorry can’t remember all the other character names). Can’t wait for the next box to arrive.

Carlos Romo
6 months ago

Initially I didnt know that Kawaii Box even existed. My daughter had it on her list of gift ideas for Christmas . As I looked at her extensive but detailed list next to KAWAII BOX in parenthesis it read (Really Want!!!). So as a last minute gift I placed my order and thought it would be a neat to print out the “ORDER CONFIRMATION” and place it in a envelope so that she could open it along with her gifts on Christmas Morning.
Needless to say she loved it…
Well she received her first KAWAII BOX and she tells me (“Daddy there are so many cute things in there I love it!)
She cant wait for the next one to arrive…


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