October 2019


Everything you need to be a kawaii standout at a spooky party!
See which cute Halloween items were included in the October Kawaii Box!
Lotte Koala’s March Halloween Cookies
Koala’s March gets the scary treatment with these special edition treats. Each one has a different Halloween themed design on its cookie shell with that familiar rich chocolate concealed inside!
Kawaii Box Cute Ghost Heart Shaped Pin
Just because you’re a little spooky doesn’t mean you can’t also be kawaii. This exclusive ghost badge proves this. Easily attach it to your backpack or bag for some eerie cuteness.
Moomin Hattifattener Plushie
The Hattifatteners are ghost-like beings from the magical world of Moomin. Yet this plush is nothing to fear! Use it as Halloween decor or give it some snuggles while you watch a scary movie.
Kawaii Box Unicorn Cosmetics Bag
This majestic bag designed in signature Kawaii Box style is just what you need to keep your makeup organized and looking cute.
Colorful Scratch Notepad
Literally reveal your creativity as you scratch out unique drawings, doodles, and messages on this scratch notepad. There are three different sheet colors hiding under the black surface.
Cat Teru Teru Bozu Pen
Teru Teru Bozu are decorations that are said to bring good weather, yet they appear rather ghostly. Watch this kitty version of a teru bozu sway as you write important notes and journal.
Glitter Star Hair Clip
Make a bold kawaii fashion statement with this large glittery hair clip. Whether you want to spice up your daily look or embellish your Halloween ensemble, this’ll do just the trick.
Kawaii Halloween Party Stickers
These cute animals in Halloween costumes will automatically transform a blank page into a spooktacular work of art. Decorate your costume photos or add them to your Halloween party invitations!
Shine Rainbow Bookmark
Marking your place in a book is now more kawaii than ever! Gaze upon a rainbow sky with floating stars whenever you stick it in your favorite novel or textbook.
Happy Halloween Umaibo Snack
Umaimon is dressed up in a Halloween costume and ready for trick-or-treating. Unwrap this crunchy corn stick to discover the taste of creamy corn potage soup. So comforting on a cool fall day!
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