As Seen on NBC’s Today Show

Kawaii Box was been featured on the NBC's Today Show as one of the selected "Gifts that keep giving"!


Blogger Testimonials

I absolutely adored this Kawaii Box! There’s nothing that I didn’t like (which is rare when it comes to subscription boxes!) (read more…)

Overall, I love the box! Of the 11 items in my Kawaiibox review, I just gave 2 to friends and loved the rest. I think that is a very good ratio. I will order again because I love the surprise feeling of opening this cute box full of kawaii item. (read more…)
“Too much kawaii” does not exist in my dictionary. And what better way to Kawaii-fy this life even more with a surprise cute package from Kawaii box right? (read more…)
It is made for girls with a large fluffy heart of cotton candy with glitter dust. Girls who have the courage to live out the “inner child” and be their self against all conventions. Girls, who want to stand out from the gray mass to make the world a little bit colorful. And this makes the box just wonderful!(read more…)
There is something for everyone: from accessories for those who love the decoden and DIY to the sweetest jewelry to wear and sweets to enjoy while you are studying or working! (read more…)
I think Kawaii Box is a lovely gift idea for children and teenagers as it’s cheap, reliable and more importantly, fun. (read more…)
For something called Kawaii Box, this subscription box definitely lives up to its name. There’s a wonderful variety of items — so you’re sure to find something you like, and all the items share one thing in common: they’re absolutely adorable! (read more…)
All my Christmases came at once when I received this month’s Kawaii Box. Santa himself couldn’t have picked more perfect gifts… I am so happy with all the items in my Kawaii Box and I’m seriously considering subscribing! (read more…)
Every month you’ll get a box of cute hand-picked Japanese and Korean products… so if you love cute things, it’s a great way to add to your collection and get some surprise post too! (read more…)
Super kawaii!! Kawaii Box excels at sending tiny cute things. It’s fun! It’s also perfect for gifting, too. Especially for girls who are all about this stuff. (read more…)
I love the moment of pleasant anticipation when a cute parcel arrives, and I have no idea what’s inside. When I slowly open the box, remove the wrapping paper and discover a sweet surprise from far far away, that makes me happy. (read more…)
There is no way to be sad, when this comes to your doorstep!
Even tough, today was a day full of struggles and negative people around me, when I finally got this box, I instantly smiled. (read more…)