June 2024


Put on a kawaii outfit, strike a pose, and say cheese in the purikura or Japanese photobooth!
See which cute super cute items were included in June's Kawaii Box!
Sanrio Characters Strawberry Milk Kit Kat
Sanrio cuties want to give you the sweet sugar boost you need! This Japan-only treat comes from a collab between Sanrio and Kit Kat. It combines the deliciousness of strawberry and mellow milk!
Blippo Sweet Sakura Accessory Pouch
This special Blippo pouch was made to celebrate the sakura season in Japan! Use it to store your lipstick and other kawaii makeup items for your purikura session with your friends.
Dreamy Hangyodon Plushie
Hangyodon’s dressed up for picture-taking! This kawaii plushie comes from a special collab between Sanrio and Kawaii Box.It doubles as a pouch and it comes with a removable ball chain!
Sanrio Character Friendship Basket
Your buddies from Sanrio want to help you kawaii-fy your desk. Use this super cute basket to store clips, erasers, and more! Its cute design and pastel colors brighten any room you place it in.
Hello Kitty Soap Dish
Hello Kitty’s here to keep your hands nice and clean! Add a dose of cuteness to your bathroom or kitchen sink with this Hello Kitty soap dish. Handwashing has never been this fun & kawaii!
Cinnamoroll Mesh Case
Let Cinnamoroll help you store your clips, badges, and other knick-knacks. You can also use this cute transparent case to store the pictures you made with your besties at the purikura booth!
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