February 2020


We’re showering you with kawaii kisses this month of love!
See which kawaii things were included in the February Kawaii Box!
Little Twin Stars Konpeito Candy
Kiki & Lala from Little Twin Stars are here to spread sweetness with these konpeito candies. They are traditional Japanese sugar candies introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th century.
Jinbesan Plushies
These plushies from San-X’s famous whale character series Jinbesan will melt your heart! Give one to your special someone and have them hold fins whenever they’re back together.
Shimmery Heart Charm Pen
Use this pen for writing love notes to your special someone and let them know how you truly feel! The glittery heart charm will get you inspired to put your thoughts into words.
Sweet Heart Lollipop Eraser
Need some pick me upper this month of love? This heart-shaped lollipop eraser has a sweet note to help set you in a good mood as you tidy up any pencil mistakes on your Valentine’s Day card.
Majestic Jewelry Crown Stickers
Add some glittery cuteness to your Valentine’s Day card with these magical stickers! Simply stick them to your love note and watch each piece shine in light like a magic love spell.
Sweet Drinks Pencil Cap Set
Spread some love within your circle of friends! Give your two besties one pencil cap each from this trio set and have matchy kawaii pencil caps together.
Kawaii Daily Pill Organizer
Don’t forget to show yourself some love too! Use this kawaii case to help you organize all those little capsules you take to keep you healthy. It can also store your other small items like paper clips.
Metallic Pink & Purple Pencil Set
Scribble down Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your loved ones using these kawaii pencils. They will also add some pink and purple cuteness to your pencil case!
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