January 2022


Cheers to a kawaii 2022 filled with super cute and fun days all year round!
See what was included in January's Kawaii Subscription Box!
Surprise Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Kit
Make your own miniature desserts, dishes, and even cute animal figures from delicious candy ingredients.* Remember to share your creation with #kawaiibox
Umiushi-san Plushie
Umiushi-san are cute and cuddly sea slug creatures! This super kawaii sea slug plushie is the perfect addition to your collection.
Puyo Puyo Fruit Gummy
Puyo Puyo is a popular Japanese Tetris-like game where you match the puyo (small round creatures) to the color of each character. Enjoy these gummies shaped like cute puyos with adorable large eyes!
Aiko Charm Collection Vol 2
Gachapon vending machines are widely popular all over Japan! They dispense cute Japanese collectible items placed inside a capsule. Aiko is dressed in different kawaii winter outfits in this latest collection!
Happy Animal 2022 Desk Calendar
Plan your cute year ahead and never miss an important date with this kawaii calendar! Place it on your work desk and easily flip through each fun page.
Sumikko Gurashi Pocket Tissue
Let the super kawaii Sumikko Gurashi gang take care of your winter sniffles and sneezes! Keep this handy tissue pack in your purse so you’ll stay clean on the go!
Purikura Photo Frame Card
Purikura or photo booths are super popular in Japan and often best enjoyed with a friend! Insert your favorite picture with your BFF in this purikura-style card and envelope and send it to them as a sweet surprise!
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