March 2019


Take a peek at what kawaii sakura things were included in the March Kawaii Box!
Kracie Puchitto Fruit Grape Candy
These soft and yummy foamy candies are shaped like grapes and each piece can be pulled apart from the “stem” before eating. Just like real grapes!
Neko Dango Sakura Plushie
Neko Dango is a mix between a cute cat (neko) and Japanese sweet dumpling (dango). Take a moment to pet its super soft sakura pink fur and it will purr with happiness!
Pastel Heart Clip Pen
Write a cute note to your loved one with this pastel colored kawaii pen! It’s easy to attach to your journal or notebook using the handy clip.
Kawaii Aiko Card Purse
This handy card purse is decorated with a picture of our cheerful mascot, Aiko dressed in a traditional kimono! It’s perfect for storing your money as well as travel or access cards.
Kawaii Lipstick Eraser
It looks like a cute lipstick but works like an eraser. Slip it into your pencil case and make correcting mistakes more fun!
Kawaii Neko Wooden Clips
Showcase your favorite photos, cards or artwork by hanging them on a string. Such an easy way for kawaii-fying your room!
Cute Animals Pill Box
This cute pill box can be used for so many things! Use it not only to keep your medicine and vitamins organized, but also for storing jewelry or or other small items.
DIY Jewelry Magic Wand
This magical wand is filled with colorful beads which you can use to create your very own kawaii necklace or bracelets!
Sakura Stickers
Welcome spring and the beautiful blooming cherry blossoms together with these cute animals!
Sakura Neko Notebook
These cute traditionally bound notebooks are perfectly sized for journaling and decorated with a cute cat enjoying the sakura season!
Kawaii-fy Your Life!
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