March 2024


Puroland is a popular theme park in Japan that’s home to Hello Kitty and all things Sanrio!
See which super cute items were included in March's Kawaii Box!
Pokemon Pokepeace Wafer
Pokepeace is a small town in the Pokemon world where humans and pocket monsters live peacefully. Enjoy this yummy chocolate-filled wafer and decorate your notebook with the special Pokepeace sticker!
Hello Kitty Puroland Plushie
Hello Kitty is the perfect snuggle buddy. This Kawaii Box-exclusive plushie is inspired by Hello Kitty’s magical and colorful Puroland look. Place this cutie on your bed or gaming chair for an instant touch of kawaii!
Sanrio Characters Accessory Box
The Sanrio besties want to help you organize your desk! Store your charms, cosmetics, and other knick knacks using this kawaii box. Just press the button to easily open it!
Sanrio Characters Spray Bottle
Want to keep yourself fresh while on a trip? Fill up this cute Sanrio spray bottle with your perfume! You can also fill it with water to use as a facial mist.
Sanrio Characters Notebook Cover
Time to give your plain notebook a kawaii Sanrio makeover! Use this to cover your notebook and to keep your cards, receipts, or your favorite photos.
Kawaii Surprise
Kawaii Surprise
Puroland is full of cute surprises, just like this treat! We hope you like this fun item we’ve randomly chosen from our kawaii warehouse!
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