April 2020


Celebrate the sakura season in kawaii style!
See which kawaii things were included in the April Kawaii Box!
Milky Sakura Pink Chocolate
Indulge in this pack of limited-edition milk chocolates inspired by the sakura season! Each luscious piece is filled with a special seasonal flavor of cherry blossom milk cream and sauce.
Unicorn No Cony Star Shine Plushie
This dreamy unicorn plushie from Amuse is the perfect kawaii companion for your sakura picnic! Use the elastic loop on her back to easily attach her to your backpack.
Sweet Treats Scented Pencil
Pencil in all your plans this spring so you won’t forget about them! Use this kawaii pencil to help you get started with writing your schedule. It has a sweet scent that gets stronger as you write!
Little Fairy Tale Hand Towel
It’s a Japanese custom to always carry around a hand towel. Bring this essential with you to your hanami (cherry blossom viewing) picnic to keep your hands or face clean and dry.
Dreamy Pudgy Unicorn Multi-Color Pen
This kawaii unicorn will help magically make any boring writing tasks fun! Use this multi-color pen to draw colorful doodles and to write down updates in your diary about your spring holiday.
Sparkly Kawaii Notepad
Relive all the fun memories you make this spring as you jot them down in this super cute notepad with shimmery binding. The illustrated pages will inspire you to write out your sweet thoughts.
Sanrio Characters Easter Sticky Note Set
This cute Sanrio character dressed in Easter attire is here to help you organize your ideas. Easily flag a page in your book and stick them to your calendar for a kawaii touch!
Sanrio Characters Glittery Flake Stickers
Have loads of fun mixing and matching your favorite Sanrio characters on your crafts with these cut-to-shape flake stickers. Use each glittery piece to kawaii-fy the look of any lackluster page.
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