June 2021


Let Aiko join you in your fun-filled summer adventures begin!
See what was included in June's Kawaii Box!
Vending Machine Soda Gummies
Japanese vending machines are super popular and convenient. They dispense a variety of items - from food, drinks to toys! Enjoy these treats packed in a kawaii vending machine!
Pudgy Amuse Character Plushie
Amuse plushies are usually won as prizes in Japanese UFO claw games. No need to go to the arcade for this super soft and cuddly cutie! Display it on your desk to help kawaii-fy your room.
Collectible Aiko Charm Gachapon
Gachapon vending machines are very popular in Japan and they dispense cute collectible items inside a capsule. Aiko is dressed in different kawaii outfits in this special collection.
Hello Sweet Summer Pouch
Use this super cute pouch to help you organize your kawaii trinkets and accessories. You can also store little essential items inside and bring it along when you go out for errands.
Rainbow Sweet Drinks Envelope Sett
Make your loved ones feel extra special and remembered by writing them sweet letters! Then send them out with these super cute envelopes.
Handy Sakura Cosmetic Bottle
This handy spray bottle is the perfect addition to your kawaii cosmetics pouch. Just fill it up with your favorite perfume, toner, or even water to use as a facial mist!
Sanrio Characters Deco Stickers
Stick these Sanrio cuties on your calendar or diary to help kawaii-fy any blank spaces on your pages! You can also place them right next to an important date or note to add some kawaii fun!
San-X Characters Masking Tape
San-X characters are super loved in Japan and all over the world! Create fun borders around memorable pictures in your journal with this super cute masking tape.
Kawaii-fy Your Life!
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