October 2022


Grab your cutest costume and join us for some fun trick-or-treating!
See what was included in October's monthly Kawaii Crate!
Pudgy Kuromi Plushie
It’s Kuromi’s birthday on Halloween! Celebrate her special day by displaying this Kuromi plushie on your cute desk setup or shelf! It’s the perfect addition to your kawaii collection.
Kiki's Delivery Service Bento Box
Jiji, the adorable cat from Studio Ghibli’s film Kiki’s Delivery Service, is here to join in the Halloween fun! Prepare spookily cute bento meals in this kawaii lunch box. Don’t forget to tag us in your yummy creations!
Fun Halloween Knapsack
Have fun trick or treating without worrying about where to put all those candies and snacks you got! Just fill this kawaii vinyl knapsack and carry your Halloween treats the cute way!
Neko Halloween Masking Tape
Let this cute Halloween deco tape get you in the spirit for some spooky fun. Use it to decorate your Halloween party invites, scrapbooks, journals - you name it!
Yumekawa Fantasyland Stickers
Yume Kawaii (shortened to yumekawa) is a popular Japanese aesthetic that focuses on fantasy themes in pastel colors. Use these dreamy cute stickers to kawaii-fy your journals, calendars, or photo albums!
Pukapukakkori Angel Poop Charm
Add a splash of cuteness everywhere you go by hanging this kawaii poop-shaped charm on your backpack. It will beep when you press it! You can also let it float in your tub for a fun bath time!
Disney Halloween Chocolate Biscuits
Enjoy Halloween with Micky Mouse and the gang! You can try naming the Disney character on each chocolatey piece before gobbling them up!
Spooky Monster Stamp Candies
Lick these spooky candies and watch how your tongue changes in color! You can also stamp these monster pattern treats on your hand before you munch them all up.
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