January 2023


Start the year right with a cuter version of yourself and everything around you!
See what was included in January's monthly Kawaii Box!
Peko-Chan x Sanrio Characters Strawberry Chocolates
Japan’s famous kawaii mascot Peko Chan teamed up with Sanrio for this limited-edition pack of chocolates! Find your favorite Sanrio characters on each strawberry chocolate-flavored piece before gobbling them up!
Sanrio Characters Desktop Perfume Canister
This Sanrio cutie is here to help keep your desk organized the kawaii way! Use this perfume-shaped canister to store accessories, cosmetics, or cotton swabs.
Sanrio Characters Drawstring Pouch
Let this kawaii Sanrio character help you stay organized and cute when going out with this handy drawstring bag! You can store small essentials like accessories or candies inside.
Fun Shape Stamp Highlighter Set
These super cute highlighters come in different marker tip shapes - flower, heart, and circle! Have fun decorating your notebooks, letters, or journals as you stamp each one!
Sweet Dessert & Animal Pencil Set
This pack of pencils is the perfect addition to your kawaii stationery collection! Use them to write down your New Year’s resolutions and to plan your cute year ahead!
Pudgy Nekomaru Pukyu Plushie Charm
Take this pudgy neko or cat plushie along with you in your New Year adventures by hanging it in your backpack. This cutie makes a fun sound when you press its stomach!
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