February 2023


Cinnamoroll is ready to play cupid by spreading love everywhere!
See what was included in February's monthly Kawaii Box!
Sanrio Characters Fluffy Socks
Be date-ready by completing your kawaii look with this fluffy pair! Or let this Sanrio cutie accompany you and keep your toes warm while you binge on romantic movies.
Cinnamoroll Hearts You Plushie
This fluffy Cinnamoroll cutie is extra special since it’s an exclusive item available only in Kawaii Box! Have fun playing with this unique plushie that has a furry heart-shaped holder.
Cinnamoroll Twinkle Sky Letter Set
Cinnamoroll was born in the clouds and loves playing with the twinkling stars! Send handwritten love letters to your loved ones using this super cute set. Don’t forget to seal them with a kiss!
Cinnamoroll Happy Slider Pouch
Tidy up together with Cinnamoroll by keeping your knick-knacks inside this super cute pouch. It’s perfect for storing all your small cosmetics for your essential beauty routine!
Cinnamoroll Rainbow Sliding Comb
This kawaii comb illustrated with a playful Cinnamoroll adds a major dose of cuteness to your beauty kit! Slide it out to extend and use it to keep your hair shiny and beautiful for your V-Day crush.
Kirby Starry Desktop Container
Kirby and Waddle Dee want to help you organize your favorite accessories. You can also use this nifty container to sort out all the things on your desk and make it more kawaii!
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