May 2023


The sun is out, flowers are blooming - the perfect time for a picnic with Pokemon buddies!
See what was included in May's monthly Kawaii Box!
Pokemon Ramune Candy
Ramune is a special Japanese carbonated soft drink. This Pokemon wants you to have a refreshing taste of ramune by munching on these yummy candies! Share them with your friends at picnics!
Pokemon Friendship Basket
Stay organized with the help of these super cute Pokemon buddies. You can use it to store small snacks and candies just like a cute picnic basket! It’s also great decor for your desk.
Pokemon Favorite Cup
Pokemon cuties like Pikachu want to make sure that you stay hydrated! Use it to take a sip of your favorite drink. You can take it with you during your next cookout with your family and friends!
Dancing Pokemon Masking Tape
Have fun decorating your journals and planners with this super kawaii masking tape illustrated with cute dancing Pokemon! It’s a great addition to your stationery kit.
Pokemon Dual Highlighter
Studying is so much easier when you have a Pokemon pal to help you out! This cute double-sided highlighter is perfect for marking important quotes in books and notebooks.
Sanrio Fluffy Hairband
This Sanrio cutie wants to help with your beauty routine! Use this hairband to keep hair away from your face while applying makeup. You can also use it after taking a nice warm shower!
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