November 2023


The pink cream puff from Nintendo hops on his warp star and zooms off to Kawaii Land!
See which Kirby items were included in November's Kawaii Subscription Box!
Kirby Mix'n'Match Gum
Be adventurous like Kirby and chew two different-flavored pieces of this gum to create a new outrageous flavor! These treats come in different refreshing flavors that you can mix and match.
Kirby & Waddle Dee Coin Bank
Kirby and Waddle Dee are here to keep your tiny treasure safe and sound. Save your coins or store your precious trinkets in this kawaii coin bank. Then lock them away with the included padlock!
Kirby’s Dream Land Mini Drawstring Bag
Going on a trip? Place your small travel essentials like accessories and other trinkets in this super cute Kirby mini pouch. Just pull the strings to close the bag and secure your stuff!
Kirby Pastel Plastic Cup
Your home will look a whole lot cuter with Kirby! You can keep this in the kitchen for your favorite drink or use it as a pen holder to kawaii-fy your desk.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Acrylic Star Charm
Bring Kirby on your kawaii adventures by hanging this star-shaped acrylic charm to your bag or keys. There are lots of Kirby characters! Which one did you get?
Kirby Star Rod Mini Towel
Kirby can be your new travel buddy! Put this mini towel in your pocket or purse to keep your face clean and dry everywhere you go.
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