Kracie Fushigi Hakken Mystery Ball DIY Candy Tutorial

This Fushigi Hakken Mystery Ball DIY Candy by Kracie was included in the January 2019 Kawaii Box. It’s like a science experiment. Combine the grape and soda flavored liquids and grasp the mystery balls with your fingers. When eaten they’re chewy at first but then give off a juicy pop! Follow this tutorial to create colorful and delicious jello candies!

The DIY kit includes 3 packets of liquids in different colors: the green mystery liquid, the blue soda-flavored and the purple grape-flavored liquid. Start by cutting the tray into 3 pieces along the lines so that you have all the molds separately.

▲ Pour water into all 3 molds up to the line on the inside of the mold. Add the powder from the green bag into the big mold that has a star on the bottom. Add the powder from the purple bag into one of the small molds and the powder from the blue bag into the other small mold.

▲ Use the big spoon to stir the green powder in the star mold. Mix properly until the water and powder have become completely combined. With the small spoon, stir both the blue powder and the purple powder in their molds. The combination of powder and water should turn into a slightly thicker, colorful liquid.

Now, let’s start creating the jello balls! Pick up one of the smaller molds and pour the colorful liquid into the big spoon. Be careful not to spill to get the best result!

Bring the big spoon as close to the green liquid as possible. Carefully drop the purple or blue liquid into the mold with the mystery substance. You will see the dropped liquid stay in the round shape that it had in the spoon. Let it be for about 5 minutes. The longer you leave them in, the harder they will get!

When you are happy, pick up the blue or purple jello ball from the star mold with the big spoon and put it on a plate. It is now ready to be eaten! Repeat the process until all the purple and blue liquid is gone. Now all that’s left is to enjoy the yummy jello candies!

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