How to Make Panda Rice for your Bento Box

Panda Bento Rice Mold Tutorial

Hello, cuties! This handy Panda Bento Rice Mold was included in the June 2018 kawaii crate. With it, you can create cute panda shaped rice balls to complement your bento lunch box! Follow this tutorial to learn how to get started.

The set includes 1 rice mold, 1 nori cutter, and 1 small chopping board. Remember to wash them well before the first use. For this tutorial, you will need cooked rice and nori (edible seaweed).

Panda Bento Rice Mold Tutorial

▲ Fill the pink panda mold with cooked, cooled off rice and press it with the other half to create the shape. Take the panda-shaped rice ball carefully out of the mold.

Panda Bento Rice Mold Tutorial

Cut the panda’s black spots from nori, the seaweed, by placing the white nori cutter on top of it and pressing down. Remember to use the red chopping board underneath to not damage your table.

Panda Bento Rice Mold Tutorial

▲ Place the cut nori pieces on your rice pandas to add cute ears, eyes, nose, tail, and legs.

Panda Bento Rice Mold Tutorial

▲ That’s it! Now you have super kawaii rice pandas to cheer up your meal! Serve with your favorite accompaniments. Yum!

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    1. Thank you! It’s super kawaii, easy to make, and yummy! :) Watch out for more of these :)

    1. Hi there! We used Japanese short-grain rice and dried nori. Any white rice will work as well! :)

  1. Hello, I went onto Blippo Kawaii Shop and did not find the panda bento lunch set. Is there anyway you can help me, please?

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