August 2018


Take a peek at which super cute kawaii items were included in the August Kawaii Box!
Namakemono No Mikke Plushie
This super kawaii sloth plushie is always there for you when those long school days get too tough. Time to take a long and lazy nap!
Rainbow Pon-de-Ring Squishy
Pon-de-Rings are the signature item at Japanese Mister Donut chain. They’re made of a connected circle of dough balls. Not as colorful as this squishy but super delish!
Sumikko Gurashi Stickers
Sumikko Gurashi are shy and reflect the nature of Japanese people who may also be a bit shy sometimes. These stickers are perfect for decorating your planner or calendar!
Koinobori Plush Charm
Koinobori, meaning "carp streamer" in Japanese, are traditional carp-shaped windsocks often seen flown in Japan. Hang this lucky plush charm on your school bag!
Fruity Eraser
Making mistakes on your notes doesn't matter when your eraser is this sweet!
Kawaii Octopus Ink Pen
Writing is fun when this cute octopus is always cheering you up and making your days in school so much more kawaii!
Never Stop Dreaming Notebook
Dream like a unicorn! This small notebook is perfect for daily notes and easy to keep with you on all your adventures!
Magical Unicorn Pencil Pouch
Store all your school and office essentials in this super cute & magical unicorn pencil pouch!
Yori Cook Mini Whiteboard
Plan your week, assign chores or leave important notes on this handy mini whiteboard. Easy to hang almost anywhere!
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