May 2022


It’s our 8th kawaii birthday adventure!
See what was included in May's Kawaii Subscription Box!
Cinnamoroll Cafe Crisp Choco Snacks
It’s Cinnamoroll’s 20th anniversary and he’s excited to celebrate with us too! Join in the fun by munching on this box of crispy cornflake snacks! It tastes just like Cinnamoroll’s signature treat, Sweet Cafe au Lait.
Sumikko Gurashi Adventure Bowl
The Sumikko Gurashi gang prefers living life quietly in the corner. Use this bowl to eat your fave Japanese food like udon or ramen. Also perfect for your cute Japanese birthday celebration at home!
Nigitte! Nyanko Plushie
Get ready to party with this kawaii nyanko plushie! Nyanko is Japanese slang for “kitty.” This adorable cutie gives out a happy little meow whenever you give it a playful squeeze.
Blippo Sweetness Overload Chopsticks
Complete your kawaii Japanese meal at home with this pair of chopsticks made of bamboo! Don't forget to tag us when you use them - we'd love to see your kawaii food with our chopsticks.
Happy Time Tin Case
Time to organize your stuff in a fun and cute way with this kawaii tin case. Perfect for storing your accessories, stationeries, jewelry, and other small essentials.
Amuse Characters Candy Marker
Let these sweet Amuse characters help as you highlight important text from your notes! This candy-shaped marker is a great addition to your kawaii pencil case.
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