October 2018


Take a peek at what kawaii Halloween items were included in the October Kawaii Box!
Halloween Ghost Squishy
Boo! This friendly ghost is offering you a pumpkin treat! Use the squishy as Halloween decoration or just squeeze it!
Halloween Stickers
Make your notebooks, cards, calendars and gifts ready for Halloween! These stickers feature cute Halloween characters to cheer you up!
Halloween Umaibo Corn Snack
Umaibo or "delicious stick" are popular puffed corn snacks available in countless flavors. These special Halloween versions taste like authentic Japanese corn potage.
Kawaii Onigiri Plush Charm
Onigiri rice balls are popular food in Japan. These happy plushies are perfect hanging from your bag or backpack!
Sanrio Characters Sticky Bookmarks
Stick these bookmarks on your books or magazines and get organized. The cute Sanrio characters will always bring a smile to your face!
Ciara Unicorn Card Protector
This cute unicorn card holder is perfect for storing your bus card, library card, credit card or any other card you need to have easy access to.
Kawaii Neko Pocket Mirror
A must-have item in your purse, pocket or a pouch to make sure that your look is always on kawaii mode.
Korean Okitoki Stationery Set
This super cute stationery set includes all the essentials for a kawaii day in school. Let’s laugh loud together!
Kanahei Sticky Message Notes
Kanahei is a Japanese illustrator of popular digital stickers. Now Usagi & Piske are here to help you remember and organize your day!
Kawaii Neko Bag Charm
Hang this smiling neko from your bag and it will always travel with you on all your kawaii adventures!
Kawaii-fy Your Life!
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