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Marianna Hyb
8 months ago

I love kawaii box ❤️ All stuff were cute and perfect for me!

liz eizenberg
8 months ago

today I received the package after waiting a long time for it.
To tell you the truth I was a little disappointed, I expected to get things that were a little more useful to me, but instead I just got things I have nothing to do with them.
I look forward to getting a SQUISHIES toy.
Thanks for the attention.
good day.

Aline Castro
8 months ago

I’ve been subscribed close to a year. In general I’d say you get some cute things: pens, plushies, clothing items. However the ads showcase merchandise that you very rarely get, one example being Sanrio things. Also sometimes you get a barrage of stickers or tapes, which they may be cute, getting a lot of them in a row is not nice. The candies are ok. The DIY products are kind of a hit or miss for me, but that could vary based on personal preferences. Other than that, there have been boxes which I loved a lot.

8 months ago

Les box sont super. C’est essentiellement pour ma fille de 8 ans qui adore tout ce qui est “kawaii” ?. Pour le contenu, elle est pas fan des choses à manger. C’est original mais ce n’est pas son truc. Je trouve qu’il y a trop souvent des carnets-crayons… Elle aimerait plus des accessoires axés sur la beauté, mode.. Après.. C’est super déjà. C’est une chouette découverte votre box car j’ai du mal à trouver une box pour les jeunes filles sympa ?

8 months ago

I like my kawaii box so much) thank you??

8 months ago

My little sister loves these boxes. She looks forward to them every month and constantly asks when the next one is coming.

Everything is in great condition, there’s a variety of items and every box is different. Thank you very much.

Michelle Grover
8 months ago

I loved my box! I’m collect Disney too. Just in case there was a chance of getting Disney stuff too. I also have a YouTube channel that I do kawaii box unboxing on too.
Princess tiny feet – my YouTube channel

Thank you


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